3 - 4 Years

Exploration of the world with diverse hands on activities utilising their newly acquired verbal and physical skills

Content Preview

Activity 1
Magic of Science

Activity 2
Sensory High Five

Activity 3
Count the Circles

What do parents receive when they enrol?


8 activities every week

with easy to follow Pre-Recorded Videos and learning materials so that parents don't have to think about how to engage meaningfully with their child everyday.


Rhymes, Stories, Songs

Parents will also receive age appropriate Rhymes, Stories and Songs and occasionally Health and Nutritional Tips directly on the platform.


Learning Material (Worksheets, Flash Cards...)

Learning Material to reinforce the concepts in a fun and engaging way.


Access to LEADZ Parent Community

Access to LEADZ community where you can interact with other parents.


Weekly Sessions by Academic Experts

Dedicated Sessions with Early Learning Experts from across the globe to understand and make the most of your parenting journey.

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$140 or ~ ₹10,500 ₹15000
(12 Month Program)

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